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Logic Pro X Course


PRACTICAL music production course suitable for Amateurs, Curious and Professionals

will be held by Marco Perino:
Apple Certified Trainer Logic Pro X 10.4
Certified Trainer Logic Pro X 10.3 blk US 041017
logic pro 9 master trainer

Part of the topics covered:

workflow techniques

Working with Loops

Live Loops

Step Sequencer

Audio Recording

Editing Regions, Comping takes, Flex tool

MIDI Recording, Punch, Step Input, Midi Takes, Midi FX

MIDI Editing, Piano Roll, Step Editor, Score, Midi Draw, Event List

Drums and Drum Kit Designer

Drummer Track and Arrangement Marker

Tempo, Time Stretching, Flex Time Editing

Arrangement, Folders, Flex Pitch

Sound Design,  Track Stack

Mix, Plugins , Mastering

Equalizations, Volumes, Stereo Image, Depth (Compressors, Delays, etc. etc.)

Offline and Online Automations

logic pro
logic pro

APPLE certification in AUDIO AND MUSIC.

Are you a professional musician or would you like to become one?

Are you a sound engineer, a DJ, a producer?

Are you one who eats bread and audio?

Become certified and compare in the prestigious list of professionals accredited by the apple.


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