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Logic Pro 10.6 (and earlier) from idea to final mastering – Avaliable on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback

Creating a song from scratch, producing it from start to finish.

An impossible feat … OR a great game?

Whether you are a novice amateur, a passionate professional, a tireless sound engineer, a multifaceted instrumentalist, or a curious person who wants to learn more about this world.

Logic Pro allows you to become a music producer … A Producer.

You don’t need to have studied Music …

You need to want to play.

With this manual you will create an original song from scratch by touching all the stages:

from pre-production to drafting the piece

from the vocal line to the lyrics

from recording to intonation

from Midi to Sound Design

from Mix to Mastering.

hundreds illustrated steps will guide you through each step, and you will also be taught how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Logic is Music!

Music can be a hobby.

Music can be escapism.

Music can be a commitment.

Music can be a toy.

Music can be work.

And with Logic

Music can be you too!

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Logic Pro 10.6 and earlier from idea to final mastering
Logic Pro X Marco Perino Dallidea al mastering

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