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Logic Pro 10.6 (and earlier) – From Idea to Final Mastering: A step by step guide to produce an original song – Available Amazon Worldwide

Compatible with all versions of Logic Pro X, from the very first version up to 10.7

With downloadable projects.Suitable for both the Amateur and the Expert User.

Amazon Kindle and Paperback

the author is not responsible if your girlfriends or wives abandon you because after reading this book you think more about Logic than about them

Creating a song from scratch, producing it from start to finish,
An impossible… Or a great game?
Whether you are a novice amateur,
a passionate professional,
an indefatigable sound engineer,
a multifaceted instrumentalist,
or someone curious who wants to learn more about this world,
Logic Pro allows you to be, or become… A Producer.
You only need to feel like playing.
With this manual you will create an original song from scratch touching on all the production stages:
•from pre-production to drafting the piece,
•from the Vocal Line to Intonation,
•from Recording to Editing,
•from Midi to Sound Design,
•from Mix to Mastering.

1750 illustrated steps will guide you, and you will also be taught how to avoid the most common mistakes.
Logic is music!
Music can be a hobby.
Music can be a toy…
Music can be work.
and with Logic Music can be you too !!!


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    Maricosty Sa
    Maricosty Sa
    19:00 18 Feb 22
    Do 5 stelle per la professionalità, la celerità con cui ho avuto risposta ed il risultato del servizio richiesto ovvero la pulizia di un file audio. Vivamente consigliato.
    Rosa Betto
    Rosa Betto
    18:15 18 Feb 22
    Massima competenza,massima serieta',massima correttezza
    Paolo Michelis
    Paolo Michelis
    20:26 24 Jan 22
    Ottimo corso con docente molto preparato
    Stefano Tumiati
    Stefano Tumiati
    15:35 24 Nov 21
    Marco è un'ottimo professionista. Competente in ambito audio, sempre disponibile e gentile. Aperto al confronto.
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