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Logic Pro


LMMS for Children

is a show !!!


I definitely want to repeat it

MARCO VIDANO - Accordionist and keyboard player

I arrived to take a course and go home Certified. What more could I ask for?

VALERIO NARDI - Keyboardist

A world has opened up after the course!

LOV - Vocalist/Producer/DJ

If like me you have only the passion of Home recording and you lack the technique and the theory. This is the right course for you


This course gave me so much


The course has expanded my knowledge in a methodical and orderly manner


I especially recommend it to those who use it frequently

LORIS STRIGLIA GALLO - Accordionist, keyboardist and singer

I took the course to have a certification that could be valid all over the world

FABRIZIO MARTINI - Music Composer / Sound Designer

The course gave me new skills, new ideas for creativity.


it is truly a new and stimulating experience


helped me create my own working method


I thought I learned many useful things that I didn’t know, in fact it was so.


Happy to have made the right choice, happy in having learned and to have undertaken subjects always dealt with in a superficial way or with people not properly qualified


The course fully satisfied what I was looking for

EMANUELE CHIARAMONTE - Musician and Producer

I enjoyed learning something that fascinates me and that I wanted at all costs to master for my needs

PIETRO PLAZZA - bass player

Complete, fun and professional course with a teacher open to your every need.


I would recommend it to those who want to learn about this world and to those who would like it to become their work, to live by making music.


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    Loris GalloLoris Gallo
    16:29 17 Oct 22
    I attended a Logic course with Marco Perino and it was more than exhaustive. I am quite a head, but he managed to make me learn everything with simplicity, and it is not a trivial matter. I highly recommend a course with Marco who, in addition to being a very competent expert on Logic, is also a very nice person from a human point of view. I feel lucky to have met him! Loris
    Emanuel CianciaEmanuel Ciancia
    20:42 14 Oct 22
    My experience in Marco Perino's studio turned out to be decidedly positive. In addition to the technical preparation and knowledge of the work tools, Marco combines an ability to listen to subjective needs and a natural cordiality making the experience in the studio attentive and concentrated and at the same time pleasant and relaxed.
    Martina MMartina M
    20:02 03 Oct 22
    I attended the first MasterClass in audio forensics, with Professor Marco Perino. They were two intense days, full of discoveries and emotions. Doctor. Perino is a teacher of excellent skills and does not stop on the theoretical part of the profession but accompanies you for the entire duration of the course in the various cracks of audio forensics. I thank you very much for the opportunity to have been able to participate in this first Masterclass and to have learned new skills useful for my course of study.
    Carla Di PalmaCarla Di Palma
    16:31 19 Sep 22
    They continue and in particular Marco Perino helped me to keep a very important memory for me: the day of my wedding, where in the fundamental moment of the promises the cry of a child had ruined everything!Marco was able to almost completely restore the sound, and above all he didn't want any reward!Professionalism, competence and kindness: three fundamental qualities!THANK YOU!
    Carlotta AgostiCarlotta Agosti
    13:24 16 Sep 22
    Very kind and informative. in two minutes he opened up a world of skills to me. what else to say?
    Paolo AnconaPaolo Ancona
    21:01 04 Sep 22
    I contacted Mr. Perino for advice.He proved to be available, very professional and competent. He clearly illustrated the problem and the various steps to follow to try to solve it.Highly recommended !!!
    Su sannaSu sanna
    08:49 01 Sep 22
    I contacted this studio because of a situation that absolutely needed to be resolved.I thank Dr. Perino not only for the promptness with which he allowed me to do so,but above all for the professionalism and honesty, as well as for the human side with which, despite being at the end of the working day, he still spent some time to better illustrate the situation.I absolutely recommend!
    Lucio GuzzoLucio Guzzo
    22:23 04 Aug 22
    Great competence and professionalism at the right price, a true reference in the audio sector. We have had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Perino in several circumstances and he has always been available, attentive and scrupulous.
    Giulia FavaGiulia Fava
    11:03 25 Jul 22
    Excellent service. Professionalism, promptness and courtesy, but also willingness to clarify any doubts of the user and to find the most appropriate solutions for the specific case.
    thanks for your availability and information ... very kind!
    Media ModulesMedia Modules
    16:14 29 Apr 22
    Thanks for you advice and the video you did exclusively for me!very professional
    Federico DominiciFederico Dominici
    15:37 13 Apr 22
    I did a Logic Pro X course with Marco via skype and I can only speak well of it. He is knowledgeable, professional, helpful and patient. His explanations are clear and he is always ready to answer any doubts or questions. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to delve into or deepen the use of Logic for music production.
    Maricosty SaMaricosty Sa
    19:00 18 Feb 22
    Do 5 stelle per la professionalità, la celerità con cui ho avuto risposta ed il risultato del servizio richiesto ovvero la pulizia di un file audio. Vivamente consigliato.
    Rosa BettoRosa Betto
    18:15 18 Feb 22
    Massima competenza,massima serieta',massima correttezza
    Paolo MichelisPaolo Michelis
    20:26 24 Jan 22
    Ottimo corso con docente molto preparato
    Stefano TumiatiStefano Tumiati
    15:35 24 Nov 21
    Marco è un'ottimo professionista. Competente in ambito audio, sempre disponibile e gentile. Aperto al confronto.