Audio Forensics

Prosuono studio is specialized in Audio Forensics.

Audio Forensics is the field of Forensic Science related to the acquisition, analysis and evaluation of sound recordings that can be presented as evidence in a court or in any other official place.

Audio Forensics evidence may come from a criminal investigation conducted by law enforcement or as part of an official investigation into an accident, fraud, allegation of slander or any other civil incident.

Among the primary aspects of Audio Forensics:

Pocket recorders, Smartphones, Voice Applications, WhatsApp, allow us to “photograph” conversations and use them to protect ourselves against any kind of injustice.
If the audio is not in an optimal condition to be admitted to Court Proceedings, we offer
Noise Reduction and Filtering of Audio Recordings.

Our more than twenty years of experience is also available for advice on plagiarism, and for Digital Audio Workstation software assistance.

Informations and Quotes


    Maricosty Sa
    Maricosty Sa
    19:00 18 Feb 22
    Do 5 stelle per la professionalità, la celerità con cui ho avuto risposta ed il risultato del servizio richiesto ovvero la pulizia di un file audio. Vivamente consigliato.
    Rosa Betto
    Rosa Betto
    18:15 18 Feb 22
    Massima competenza,massima serieta',massima correttezza
    Paolo Michelis
    Paolo Michelis
    20:26 24 Jan 22
    Ottimo corso con docente molto preparato
    Stefano Tumiati
    Stefano Tumiati
    15:35 24 Nov 21
    Marco è un'ottimo professionista. Competente in ambito audio, sempre disponibile e gentile. Aperto al confronto.
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