Voice Identification and Voice Comparison

Riconoscimento Voce

Marco Perino specializes in Voice Recognition and Comparison Expertise.

For the Voice Comparison Appraisal service, we mean the comparison of a known voice from Private Recordings or Wiretapping, with a comparison voice, usually belonging to a suspect or accused person.

We perform different types of analysis for our conclusions, including:

  • Phonetic-Linguistic Analysis, where we analyze not only the Timbre but also elements such as Intensity, Tone, Speech Speed, Prosody, Inflexions, Cadences.

  • Parametric Analysis, where we analyze and compare the Formant traits of the subjects being compared. The Formants are a graphic and scientific indication of the resonance that the sounds emitted by the individual have in the complex architecture that goes from the vocal cords to the lips; a real vocal imprint that although, due to the very variability of the nature of the voice, does not have the same univocal codification typical for example of fingerprints, it can have unique characteristics.

  • Graphic and Visual Representation of the Vocalic Trend of the Voices in Exam.

  • Statistical Parametric Tests.

The result will be a likelihood ratio, usable in the legal field.

If it is necessary to acquire sound essays in prisons, courts or similar, we have professional recorders of various types available.

If the audio is not in optimal condition to be admitted to court proceedings, we offer the Audio Enhancement and Noise Reduction service.

After a first contact, the customer is always provided with a free feasibility study.

The Audio Forensic evidence may come from a criminal investigation conducted by the Police or as part of an official investigation into cases of Mobbing, Accidents, Fraud, accusations of slander or any other civil incident.

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