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Perizie foniche

Marco Perino, owner of Prosuono Studio
Sound Engineer expert in Audio and Music production, he has been working for years as Producer, Post-producer, Lyricist, Sound Engineer and Certified Trainer in Audio and Music Production
Audio Forensics Expert at the service of law firms, companies, prosecutors, courts, law enforcement and agencies.

  • Order of Experts of C.C.I.A.A.
  • Audio Forensics Expert
  • Audio Enhancement Expert
  • Vocal Comparison Expert
  • Consultant of Court Judges
  • Consultant of Carabinieri (National gendarmerie of Italy)
  • Consultant of Guardia di Finanza
  • Electronic Engineer since 1993
  • Sound Mixer and Post-Producer for movies, shot movies, documentaries and Ads, with original music
  • Audio Forensics Trainer at “Istituto di Scienze Forensi di Corsico (Milano)”
  • Certified in London as Apple Certified Trainer in Audio and Music Production in 2012
  • Apple Certified Trainer from 2012 to 2020
  • Production Trainer at “Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale di Saluzzo”
  • Production Trainer at “Ente Nazionale d’Istruzione Professionale Enaip Piemonte”
  • Production Trainer at “Centro Provinciale d’Istruzione per Adulti CPIA Biella/Vercelli”
  • Production Trainer at “Espero, Centro di Formazione Professionale”, based in Milan, Florence and Rome
  • Production Trainer at “Musiclab di Settimo Torinese”
  • Authored five books, including “Apple Logic Pro X, From Idea to Final Mastering” translated in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian

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