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Noise Reduction
Audio Restoration

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Today recording is easier and easier, but the results obtained are not always optimal.

Noises often overwhelm important dialogues, conversations that could change the outcome of work relationships, judicial processes, and personal relationships… and music!

Marco Perino‘s ProSuono studio specializes in Audio Enhancement, Audio Restoration and Noise Reduction using the best audio restoration software available on the market.

Among our Services:

Noise Reduction from Telephone Recordings

Increase of  Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) to admit recordings in legal proceedings

Enhancement and Noise Reduction from Voice Messages

Enhancement and Noise Reduction of Telephone Wiretapping

Electric Noise Removing

Enhancement and Noise Reduction of Audio / Music Tracks

Background Noise Reduction Emphasis Dialogues Overwhelmed by Noises

Hiss removal

Wind removal

Removal of clicks, pops, lip noises and breaths

Speakers’ Voices Enhancement

Dialogue Isolation 

Before proceeding the customer is always provided with a Free feasibility study

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