Audio Enhancement
Noise Reduction
Audio Restoration

Marco Perino’s ProSuono studio specializes in Audio Restoration, Audio Enhancement, Noise Reduction, Cleaning and Filtering of Audio Files and Recordings, using the best Audio Restoration Software available on the market.

Often, after recording, we find noises above those phrases that could have changed the outcome of employment relationships, court proceedings, and personal relationships.
We look over internet, we try to clean audio files with software that we find for free, watching some video tutorials, but the result is not there.
We ask some expert friends, but Cleaning Environmental Recordings is not as easy as removing the hiss from a Home Video.

Audio Recordings may contain evidence relating to bullying, accidents, fraud, slander charges or any other civil incident.

Pocket recorders, Smartphones, Voice Applications, WhatsApp, allow us to “photograph” dialogues, important moments, but also, unfortunately, words that we cannot hear, or would not like to hear.

Our services include:

Audio Enhancement

Audio Cleaning

Noise Reduction

Recording Cleaning

Filter Recordings

Civil Process Audio Enhancement

Criminal Process Audio Enhancement

Filtering Telephone Recordings

Filtering Audio Files

Recordings Noise Reduction

Filtering Audio

Video Cleanup and Noise Reduction

Cleaning Environmental Records

Smartphone Audio Filtering

Noise Reduction from Telephone Recordings

Ambient Music Reduction from Recordings

Increase Speech Understanding

Increase Understanding Voices and Dialogues

Increased Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) to allow recordings in court proceedings

Cleaning and Reducing Noises from Voice Messages

Cleaning Telephone Interceptions

Cleaning and Removing Electrical Noises

Cleaning of Audio and Music Tracks

Cleaning and Removing Background Noises and Disturbances

Cleaning and Interference Removal

Emphasis Dialogue Overwhelmed by Noises

Audio Restoration

Hiss removal

Wind removal

Removing clicks, pops, lip noises and breaths.

Isolation or Reduction of Speakers’ Voices

Corrupted Audio Recovery

Pulizia registrazioni

Enrolled in the Register of Technical Consultants and Experts, Sound Experts category, at the Court, enrolled in the Register of Experts and Experts of the Chamber of Commerce, we put ourselves at the service of Companies, Private Individuals, Law Firms, Public Bodies, Public Prosecutors’ Offices, Courts and Law Enforcement for civil or criminal proceedings.

We can be appointed as Official Technical Consultants (CTU) and as Party Technical Consultants (CTP).

Before proceeding with the service, the customer is always provided with a free feasibility study.

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