Audio Authentication

Deepfake Audio Detection

Voice Cloning Detection

Tampering Detection

The Audio Authentication Service is used to determine if an Audio recording is Genuine or if it has been Altered, Tampered or even generated with Artificial Intelligence AI, capable of creating Audio Vocal Deepfakes with Cloned Voice.

Pocket recorders, Smartphones, Voice Applications, WhatsApp, allow you to “photograph” conversations and use them in Judicial Proceedings, but malicious people could modify and compromise the recordings.

The verification of the integrity of the files includes different types of scientific analysis, including metadata and spectrographic study of the environment in which the file was recorded.

Our services and Analysis include:

  • Deepfake Audio Detection

  • Voice Cloning Detection

  • Audio File Artifacts Detection

  • Manipulation Detection

  • Tampering Detection

  • Audio File Alteration Detection

  • Audio File Integrity

Prosuono studio is specialized in Audio Forensics.

Our more than twenty years of experience is also available for advice on plagiarism, and for Digital Audio Workstation software assistance.

After an initial contact, the customer is always provided with a free feasibility study.

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