Perino Marco’s ProSuono studio deals with Forensic Sound Analysis and everything that belong to words audio and sound.

For our phonic transcription and recognition surveys we can be appointed CTP (Technical Consultant of a Party), CTPM (Technical Consultant of the Public Prosecutor in a Criminal Proceedings), APG (Judicial Police Auxiliary in investigative activity), CTU (Technical Consultant Office for the Judge in a Civil Trial) by the Judges in a civil or CTP context as a Surveyor of a Judge in a Criminal Trial.

We have professional dynamic and condenser microphones, Lavalier flea microphones, and Boom directional microphones. We also have recorders for up to 8 portable tracks, if it is necessary to acquire professional phonic essays in  Studio, in Court, or in Jails.

Our more than twenty-year experience is also available for audio / music production and post-production, for plagiarism advice, and for Digital Audio Workstation software assistance

Certified Trainer since 2012

Sound Analysis – Manipulation Analysis – Vocal Comparison – Transcriptions – Forensic

Audio Restoration and Filtering – Noise Reduction

Troubleshooting – Service –  Software Training


Music Production – Audio for TV and Cinema – Audio Advertising – Corporate Audio – Interviews – Podcasts – Audiobooks – Voiceover

Mix e mastering e cazzi e mazzi